February 22, 2008

Call Fireman Sam !

One day after my husband helped me to lift a kind of heavy stuff, he felt a little bit pain on his back. To relieve the pain, he put analgesic balm to his back skin. I know that he could never hold out the hot flush that kind of balm made to his skin. After a while I started to hear his loud voice, "ugh, ugh, ouw...so hot!".
I didn't realize that my little kid, aged 4, Ian, was playing Lego at the same room with us. Suddenly, he came to me and ask seriously, " Ma, please call Fireman Sam! Hurry...!!papa is burning..". Instanly both of my husband and I burst into laugh.


Evi (read: e-phi) said...

Well done Ian!

It's kinda cute and good also to have kid that aware with "the hazard situation" (at least for him). Like in USA that 5 years old boy can call 911 to help his mother.

Keep encouraging him, Hen!

henny said...

hahaha..ok, so many funny words he made. Fireman Sam is just one of his favorite movie.