March 26, 2008


Hi... I've read this writing in Inspired Kids magazine yesterday. I just want to share in my blog...
I know some of you will agree, some won't.
Please read this......

Become a MOM, have thousand jobs
Bringing up the kids, keep our shape to stay slim and fit
Be beautiful and be updated

24 hours seems not enough !
They said, "If you're tired, then stop being a MOM"
So we have to pump up the energy, be cheerful, be fit and full of knowledge,
to always give the best for our kids and family,
to make our kid number 1,
to keep our family healthy and fun,
and of course...
to keep ourselves beautiful and forever young.

So...what do you think ?


E-(phi) said...

100% I vote for "YES"

henny said...

I vote for 90%, because I'm not agree we should have to slim all the time, but to be fit and updated...YES! Maybe the sentence should change into this: We should to be our own..