April 22, 2008

FIDO = Forget It Drive On

Surely we know that little kids like to ‘copy’ whatever they heard from other people, especially from adult or older kids. The media of copying is very wide, but mostly they’ll copy from people around them and the next one is from audio visual media. That’s why most of the food, beverage, milk, snack, and etc companies use kids for their ads. Their ads would really “tune in” on kids’ minds and finally their parents maybe could buy those things. Kids would copy all the good words or bad words, but often the bad ones stay longer on their minds.
We as parents always remind our little kids not to say ‘bad’ words that maybe they would copy from big kids or other people like stupid, idiot, such like that. But sometimes we forgot that maybe they could copy those bad words from us, their parents! No wonder about that?

I did it yesterday….
When I was driving home from my kid’s school, suddenly the car in front of me turned to the right without made a signal light before. Off course I stepped the brake in a sudden too. That could be dangerous for me and the car behind us. It really turned my emotion up and the word “stupid” came out of me instantly. My son that sit in the backseat heard that and asked me, “What did you said, mom?”. Oh, oh....
He asked me again because I didn’t answer. I thought he actually heard what I said but only want to clarify. Didn’t know what the best to said, I finally said “ Yes, surely I’m wrong to say that word, honey. Please forgive me… Sometimes when people feel angry or disappointed they could say something bad like the way I did, but of course it doesn’t good to copy that, ok? I promise not to say that again.”
That’s what I mean…. it could be happened to us. Be careful always.

Back to “my bad word accident”…
I remember one story that I read from the book: P.S.I Love You, compiled by H. Jackson Brown Jr. that could help us when we’re driving. Here’s the genuine version:
“ I saw the sign of the word FIDO on the back of a station wagon at a filling station. I asked the driver if it was the name of his dog. “Oh no!”, he replied. “It’s to remind me that when someone is discourteous on the road then I should just Forget It Drive On.“

Really good advice.

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