April 19, 2008


“Women shouldn’t have to or could cook. Women have rights to do whatever they want.” Oh, how I love this interesting sentences that I found in Kompas Weekly. I read it to my daughter right away. I’m the person that believes women should have same opportunity with men and should be dependent on her own.

At home…..

Starting with simple things, my husband and I try not to have a ‘woman job’ or ‘man job’. Kids should know every job at home should have be done by all member of family. My husband could cook simple recipe like the way I did (and he really enjoy it, included go to the traditional market!). Man shouldn’t not feel ashamed to do cooking, washing the dishes or such thing like that.
One day I helped my son, Adit, to saw the multiplex wood. He has assignment from school to make a ‘bob up and down’ tool for a science project. At first he started to cry when he couldn’t do the jobs well and frustrated to wait his father came home. He amazed to what I’ve done and said to me “ I don’t know you could do this, mom”… Deep inside I said, that’s why I did it so you would understand everyone could do anything if he wants. After that he continued my worked to saw the wood. At his aged, 11, Adit could also make fried rice or omelet as well as his sister.

From all those little things we want our kids to learn about being egalitarian. Being a woman doesn’t mean she has always depended on a man, or vice versa being a man doesn’t mean he could make order or rules to woman on his wishes. Everyone, man or woman should respect to each others.

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