May 12, 2008

The BLUE Cake

Just a moments ago, I opened the refrigerator trying to find something to eat for my breakfast. Hehe.. actually it was almost 10 am, I was busy blogging and forget to eat until my stomach made a "rumble" sound. Usually I don't have 'real' breakfast, just a huge glass of fruit juice every morning. No,no..not for diet, only trying a more healthy habit in eating.

Ok, back to what I found in the fridge...
Cheese, chocolate, butter on the first rack. Oranges on the second rack...uh, nothing was interesting to fulfill my appetite. Aha.. on the corner, I found a small round BLUE icing sugar coated cake! I remembered that yesterday was Kyra's birthday, one of Ian's friend at school and he came back home with that small BLUE cake.
I took out the cake and sit in front of my PC again, ready for eating while writing (I've never been allowed this manner to my kids, hussh...don't tell them).
As I turned to look at the color of the cake, I became worried. Was the coloring food safe to little kids? Did the bakery really care about it? Why was Kyra's mom chosed the BLUE one? Actually the soft color of blue made the cake looked cute! Every little girl would love it.

Finally, I removed the BLUE cuttie coated and ate just the chocolate cake inside. I didn't dare enough to taste the BLUE icing sugar. Maybe I'm a kind of old fashioned mom that only love the real chocolate cakes or if I has to choose another color of cakes for my kids, I turned to nature yellow color, I mean a butter cake or a cheese cake. That's all. Sometimes I chosed fruit top coated pastry as long as I think the fruits was real, not fancy fruits made of sugar. I still think the food coloring doesn't good enough to my kids health.

What about you ? It would be great to hear other moms' point of view about the coloring food.


E-phi said...

In US, color for icing even some flower are edible and safe...I do hope it safe in Indonesia also.

henny said...

You know the condition here. Couldn't trusted to any government policy. Hope it'll be better someday.