June 27, 2008

“Traveling Blues”

My great times in traveling together with my family, my best friend and her family were over. We had spent 4 days in 2 cities (Semarang – Jogja). When 4 adults and 5 kids aged 4 – 13 come together in one place, it was really ‘fantastic’ in every way. We had a complete adventure I think. We went to mountain area, South Sea beach, Borobudur temple (the biggest Buddist temple in the world), hunting batik cloth at traditional market, and because we have 2 teens…we still visit a mall! We had a “culinary journey” too since all of us like to try, taste and eat kinds of new foods along the journey :)
I’m really grateful for those happy times.

The day after the traveling was over and our guests continue their visit to another place, my heart fell warm to see all the pictures we took, but usually that nice feeling would continue with the mix of sad and happiness feeling together. I don’t know what its name. Is it a “traveling blues” :b
I would remind all the happy moments and often take a look at the clock and still remember at that time yesterday or 2 days before we went to this place, doing something, etc..
Something like watch a repeating slow motion movie in my mind. Usually I keep that kind of feeling for 2 – 3 days and then it would be over. I become “normal” again, doing regularly things.
Have you ever felt that way? How do you cope with that? I had asked my daughter yesterday and she feel the same with me.
Maybe I could call this feeling “traveling blues”


Xtina said...

That is exactly the same feeling I had after traveling and vacations. It feels like you were dreaming and dont wanna wake up ;-))

henny said...

Haha...Yup, agree!