July 31, 2008

Today is My Girl’s 13th Birthday

Each year on your birthday,
I think about how thankful and fortunate I am
To have you in my life.

I always have a place reserved
Just for you in my heart
I want you to know
You're really very special
And each year my feelings
Continue to grow

Warm wishes and love
I'm sending to you on your 13th birthday
I wish all your dreams will come true
Just like the way you imagined it,
Or better.

Never give up on your dreams
I'm sure being such a daughter like you
That is generous, kind, loving and true
make you always be as bright as the stars
That shines above


ellen said...

A very Happy Birthday to your daughter! My son's birthday is today, but he is way beyond thirteen!
Have a lovely weekend, Henny.

Tammy said...

Happy birthday to your daughter!

henny said...

Ellen & Tammy,
thank you for your wishes!

Fitri said...

ulalaa... time pass so quick.. :-)

happy b'day Natalie wish all the best for you dear..

Xtina said...

she is now officialy a "young lady" ...Happy birthday Natalie!

henny said...

Thank you Auntie Fitri and Xtna :)