August 21, 2008

Hannah Montana & Musical High School

Almost every night my daughter would watch her favorite movie series of Hannah Montana or High School Musical.
From Disney channel. Sometimes when I don’t have anything to do then I join her, mainly just want to know the theme of the story or what’s her movie star likes. So far, I found those movies are fine for her. I ever had once seen Hannah’s interview session together with her dad on one of Oprah’s Show. I think she has good personality and loving parents behind her. Their relationship seems good, too. That’s why I allowed my daughter to see her movies as long as her homework from school had been done.

We have 2 TVs at home, one placed at the living room and the other is in my bedroom so every time they turn on the TV, I would know what they’re watching (what a watcher mom…). For their balance in watching TV, I often recommend The National Geographic channel for them, but sometimes it didn’t work when they don’t like the theme.

How about you in taking part to choose something suitable to watch for your kids or teens on TV programs?


Shelly G and Hope P said...

We watch a lot of animal shows...My older kids watched a lot of nature shows and history... Noel (School girl) was a bit more of a disney girl and liked fairytales and musicals... Hope however, has somehow been exposed to Sponge Bob and I would like to say it was a positive thing... But she has learned some less then wonderful things... Such as a fear of butterflies... and the fear of the dark... So he has been very limited in our house. She is too little to watch Hannah Montana but it is cute... she has a dolly that she calls Hannah Tanna....In her cute little voice...
I hope your week is going well... I want to learn how to use yahoo messenger. I have to ask one of the kids to get me started :)

Jacquie said...

thanks for commenting on my blog. I'll try to answer your question here. I'm sure you can learn to make a quilt. It can be done by hand, but i find it so much easier to do with a machine. my machine is very simple and was inexpensive. you just need a machine that will sew a nice straight line and a 1/4 inch seam to make a quilt. Email me and we can talk more about how to get started if you are interested. there is lots of help online and many ideas to help you get started.
take care,

Tammy said...

All the little girls around here LOVE those shows. My 14 year old isn't interested in them though.

Xtina said...

iya Hannah Montana lagi ngetop banget di sini..bahkan acara investasi stock buat orang dewasa aja nyaranin untuk merhatiin stok2 perusahaan yang memproduksi barang2 Hannah Montana, he hehee aku taunya Hannah Montana ya dari acar-acara itu...bukan dari shownya sendiri ..pertanda saking ngetopnya kan!!!

henny said...

my kids also loves nature show.
Hannah Tanna cute! Ok, let me know if you're ready with your YM :)

Thanks for your "future" help :)
I'll send you an email soon.

Tammy & Xtna,
Good for Aurora had already knew for sure what's she like or not.
yes, I think now she's the most popular young girl in earth ...:)

ellen said...

Well, I lost my first comment and it is very dark and I am not a good typer...When I look at my blog at Firefox which is always what I use or where I am, it is fine..if I go to Internet Explorer it is strange. I don't know what to say, but I truly appreciate your visits.

Hannah Montana wig said...

I grew up on Animal channels and the history channel :x I think Hannah Montana and Highschool musical is okay, the kids love them, just make sure to let them go out a bit and develop interests in other areas as well because you do not want your daughters to grow up wanting to be like the fictitious characters from those shows.

henny said...

maybe that was the reason why I couldn't see your pictures. I use Explorer.

thanks for stop by at my blog.
Yes, I always make sure to let my daughter does other interesting and useful things. Thanks for your comment.

Mary said...

Henny, I stumbled upon your blog through another favorite blog I like to read - Happy Hut. I just wanted to comment about what we do with my son and TV. We don't have cable in our home, so my son has not watched many of the shows that kids like. He is 2 1/2 years old and we try to limit how much he watches a day (if at all). The shows that he does watch are on PBS. I really like to the shows that are educational for him - there is one called Super Why! which he really likes to watch. He does watch a couple of movies (his favorite is Dumbo because he loves elephants). We don't plan on getting cable ever (we don't watch TV much at home anyway), so our son will be limited to what is available via antennae.