August 15, 2008

The Rotterdam Port and Something about giving Trust

It’s really an old port in Makassar left by the Dutch colonialism. That’s why the name of the port is exactly the same with one of the city at the Netherlands. Makassar was used to be an important city because all the tropical spices from East Indonesian like pepper, clove, nutmeg, coriander, also coffee, tobacco, etc were all gathered there before shipped to Europe. Now the Rotterdam Port is not longer a port, but a museum. The architecture of the building is typically like Dutch buildings in common. When we’re standing in the middle of the area it just like we’re at one of the old city in the Netherlands, so interesting place.

I let my second boy to take all the pictures here.
Actually I want to know how was his own angle in taking pictures, because several times when I did it, he always asked his turn and take the same picture. At first I was a little worried if he did wrong, because we only came there once and I want to capture that moment as good as I can. Seems like an egoist mom, huh? Finally I realized to give him a chance and let him ‘dominate’ the camera. I think it was all about how big I trust on him. After all I was a little bit surprised to see all the pictures he had taken. They're good for a beginner, aren’t they?


Fitri said...

aduh..foto nya bagus2.. beneran kepengen kesana.. btw Ari masih sama ajah keq dulu ya Hen..

eeh..ide event mah gampang, bikin es kelapa muda pake sirup marjan juga jadi :-)) kan yang penting warna nya merah putih..

Have a nice weekend yaa..

Suzanne said...

Love all the photos you have been showing us. Makes me want to take a holiday.

henny said...

sorry ya gak ikutan event 17-an nya. Bukannya kurang ide sih, tapi emang MALAS nya itu lho...kebangetan! hehe...

so go take your holiday then :)
Summer is still there.