September 18, 2008

Preparing Her First Period

My 13th years old daughter is now as big as me, even much taller. I had started to introduce simple skin care cosmetic for her skin since couple of months ago (when I saw her first acne); such like face scrub and body lotion. So far she only interested to use face scrub wash. I also introduced her about how to wear sanitary napkins in preparing her first period and had told her better to have one at her school bag. I had already given her a pack of regular panty liners every month to used everyday, since I found slightly ‘brown stained’ at her panties nowadays. But it appears very difficult… to make her accustomed in wearing panty liners. Sometimes I get a little angry too at her when I found her panty liners still had not used.

For those wonderful moms out there who had teenage daughters, how would you overcome this kind of situation with your girls? I even put her panty liners in front of the mirror at the bathroom so whenever she took at a look at the mirror she would remember to wear it, but most of the times that idea still not work. The latest idea : she has to wash her own panties by herself so I hope she would knew it’s a little difficult to make her panties clean and free of “brown stained’. Well, I think it’s better than the first idea for couple of days and for the rest still the same. Forgot, forgot, forgot….

I know from her that most of her friends had already have periods (she hasn’t had yet). It took my memory to the years when I was at the same aged as her. I remembered my mom didn’t take seriously to tell me about first period, maybe at that time it was still “difficult” for most moms to discuss sex education with their own daughter. Even at school I didn’t get sex education session.
That’s why I was shocked when I got my first period at school. I didn’t have a sanitary napkin at that moment and very ashamed to see the ‘red stained’ at my skirt. Thanks God, it happened just before the bell rang so I could get out of the class quickly and busy covered up my skirt with the school bag.

It’s very different now. Almost every junior high school had already got that lesson including talk shows for all of their first year students. My husband had helped me a lot to tell and introduce sex education for our kids. I think in fact he take a big part in it since he has pictures to show from his Med’s school books.
Our rule…no laughing when we’re in the middle of discussing about sex.


Tammy said...

My daughter go her period a month before her 11 birthday. It was about a week after I had Aidan and she ended up coming to me bawling. She already knew all about it since I've explained it to her, but it was still a shock to her.

henny said...

Yeah, that's what I still afraid of...She still come to me, bawling, when "the times" come..