December 24, 2008

Christmas Morning's Accident

I always love to see my kids’ excited and happy faces when they open up their Christmas gift from their Santa's socks. It used to be that kind of morning until something happened to my little boy just a moment ago. He was so glad to find a Winnie the Pooh glass snow globe water ball in his sock. He was walking around the living room and hold the present…suddenly I heard something broke to the floor and his crying. His new snow globe water ball had already broken, fall to the floor…
Oh..what should I do? Ask him to write a letter again for Santa or just take him to the store and buy one…what do you think?


Fitri said...

Merry Christmast & Happy New Year ! semoga Henny sekeluarga selalu sehat dan sukses selalu ya..

Klo aku pikir sih, biar dia tulis surat lagi ajah Hen..biar dia bisa meng-ekspresikan diri gitu loh, trus jangan langsung di beliin biar tunggu 1 minggu.. kan nanti ada pembelajaran nya juga, berani bertanggung jawab dan bersabar :-) mudah-2an sih ide nya nyangkut ya..



Tammy said...

The poor little guy must be so upset. I would try and replace it for him. They are probably on sale now that Christmas is over.