September 09, 2009

"I miss my School"

"I miss my school", he said that last night just before went to sleep.
Oh, so sweet...made me smile!
I think that's the word every mom in the world want to hear from their kids about school.
Yesterday, my lil boy stayed at home because of his fever.
The word didn't just bring smile to me, but also convinced me more that I had chose the 'right' place for him to learn. At first, some of my friends had ever asked me,
"Do you really want to send your boy to that school?"

Because they're thinking that school is giving too much freedom for little kids in many ways, very different from others government public schools, has been running only for 4 years (not long enough to prove the quality, they said) and top of all, it's quite expensive.
Even my hubby was a little bit worried at first about my choice and these issues of the school, but not now.
I don't know why, I just believe and trust my heart that my boy would be at the best place for learning there. Simply just went together with my boy to one of my friend's house that her kid was studying there on 4th grade. We were seeing all his books and folders, chatting about the school. After that take a pleasure trip with the boy to the school, just like that.
I remember he loved the class at first sight.
then now... miss his school.

Hope I didn't make a wrong choice for him.
He was getting better last night and this morning I've sent him to school.

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ellen said...

Trusting your heart is important (I think), Henny. Who knows your child better than you?
When I was teaching all of those years, I tried hard to make my classroom a place of learning and a place of safety and JOY.
I am sure he will blossom!