October 11, 2009

Having Dream

As far as I remember I always have such a dream, one follow after another since I was a little.
I can't remember if my parents told me to do so or I've got the idea from books or it was original, my very own idea. It doesn't matter anymore to me .

The most important thing I've got for having a dream is... it had helped me to move on from time to time. As a shy-quiet little girl who comes from a not-so-warm family that love doesn't show easily between us (I mean we haven't say 'I love you' easily to each other), having a DREAM just like having a TRUE LOVING FRIEND.
When I looked back I found (and surprised) that many good events happening at every stage in my life because of my dreams.

So I often say to my own kids for always having a dream as long as they live and never be afraid to catch it. Start always from small steps..
I do still have dreams at this moment and I share with my kids. I hope it would help them grow into their own dreams. I believe DREAM will lead us to many wonderful unpredictable places...do you?

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Heart of Rachel said...

I believe in dreams. I also think no one is too old to dream.