November 08, 2009

Our Rooms

Being one of the member in Moments made me want to capture our own rooms at home in very real condition..
Here is a part of our living room where my kids usually watch TV, do their home works (although they have their own desk at their rooms, I don't know why they just love being here together), having their meal on that table too, even browsing from his netbook on this table! Oh, how we love this table so much :)

Look, where do I put my sewing machine? There at my , actually...that's my dressing table, but I've never used it unless for seeing my hair when combing.

And these all my treasures that I keep in a simple plastic container. Just being there in my bedroom on the corner... My laptop always on the bed.

I don't know about your bedroom...but mine...hmmm...never been in neat and tidy condition when the kids at home. They just love being here, lying there while chatting with their siblings or me. Sometimes when I take a look at those interior magazine or a pic at somebody's blog, then see those perfect bedroom....I just said "wow.. how could ....etc"
But....never regret to have all the messy in our rooms. We love our home.
My daughter had ever said, "Is it weird or not, Ma? Every time we stay at a modern and cute hotel for a holiday trip still we miss to be back here after a while. Look, we don't have rooms like the hotel has..." haha...
Yes, Absolutely...I do like her, always miss our home :)

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mumsgather said...

I like your daughter's comment. Thats so sweet. :)