February 27, 2008

When your kid is boring

Mom, I'm boring..." and he didn't interesting anymore with all his stuff and toys.
Have you ever heard this from your 3 - 5 years old kid?
Maybe that is the sign for you to take him 'out' for a while.

Have you ever realized that young kids have so much interested in digital camera?
So why don't you ask him to accompany you, maybe just to go to the nearest mall or supermarket and don't forget to lend him your digital camera.
He will be very very happy could 'act' like an adult.

Before 'the visit', discuss with your kid about which of interesting stuff / moment that he like to 'click' with his camera. Maybe the icecream booth, the scenery of people pass by, dog, toys, anything he wants.
Let him explore and imagination.

After that, print all the pictures. Glue to a paper or his journal book and let him describe about it with all his imagination. If your kid is in his learning to read and write stage, it would be interesting for him if he could write down about what happened in that picture.

Remember, don't argue with him about all the alphabeth he wrote.
This is his time... let him feel 'free' and happy.