March 06, 2008

A Possibly Hot Fettuccine

A month ago we went to 'Brux the Bistro', one of my favorite and cozy place to eat in Semarang.
I try a new menu there, and all of my kids like it.
The important thing is..
It's really easy to prepare and cook (and my kids like it)
Only need a few minutes, that's why I love it. I hate to stay in the kitchen for hours...
I will share the recipe for you.


You could 'erase' the made 'hot' item, if your kid doesn't like it.
(but my kids 'love' it!)

All you need is ....

Fettuccine, boiled/cooked first of course...
Olive oil
Chooped garlic and onion
Dried basil leaves & oregano
Italian mix herbs
Salt ( you can add a little bit of Chicken Maggi Blok if you liked)
Black pepper
Smoked beef, sliced
and this is the one that could be made your fettuccine 'HOT'
an extra "irisan cabe rawit" (chopped green little chili?)

These are the step to cook it ....

Heat the olive oil in a fry pan,add garlic and onion and cook over until soft and golden brown
Add the boiled fettuccine and the Italian mix herbs, black pepper and salt and maggi blok
Don't forget the smoked beef....
Stir well and cook for 2 minutes

Taste it...

As a finishing touch
as I told you, put the chopped 'cabe rawit'
Place the fettuccine in a stylist plate.

Bon apetit....