March 15, 2008

Musical Awareness For Children

These are tips how to built musical environment around the children.
We try these at the preschool ....
  • ear cleaning : ask children to be silence or a moment and try to hear what kind of noises around them.
  • Recording their own voice. Let them free to express their feeling at that moment, they can talk, sing or just mumble, even if they want to scream is ok : children will love to hear their own voice.
  • Building their awareness to the nature voice around them, like copied the fallen leaves Createsound, waves sound, winds, etc with their body movements and voices.
  • Never hesitate for introducing a new song every week.
  • Telling the story of the song or maybe its theme.
  • Singing the rhytim songs like Jack and Jill, etc.
  • Try one of this musical games ..... : turn on the music from tape recorder, but before set some chairs, be sure the sum of chairs should not the same with sum of children. Minus one of the chair. You could turn of the song anytime and let the children get the chairs. There will be one child couldn't get one. That's the game. Repeat again until there is no cair anymore.

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