March 18, 2008

A Story of Easter Egg

Today, the children at CERIA preschool (that’s the name of the school which I managed) celebrating Easter before they will get Easter holiday from tomorrow until Monday the next week. The teacher has planned that they want to make special Easter egg’s basket.
I found the hildren were very excited with the hustle bustle activities in the craft & art class. We gave them one boiled egg each to put in their Easter basket.
One thing that I noticed, a child that doesn’t like to eat boiled egg will happily eat it together with his friends.
That’s the same story with vegetables…
One day when we made vegetable soup together, the children made big sliced cutting of carrot, broccoli and onion and finally after the soup has cooked they ate the entirely vegetables! Their mom usually surprised when we tell them about it.
I had learned when the children get involved in preparing meal -included kind of meal they usually don’t like-, they used to eat happily after that. Other important thing is children aged 2 – 6 would ‘more listen’ to what their teacher said than to their mother. Maybe you could guess… since then the teacher often received ‘secret message’ from moms about their kid, like tell them to drink milk, tidy up the mess after play, etc.

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Elaine said...

haha, not quite true if you ever met a fussy picky eater like my daughter. She will help and be very involved in the process of making/cooking/preparing the food, but if it's something she doesn't eat, she will not eat, be it in school or at home.