April 06, 2008


Does your kid like to eat tomatoes? I often hear moms’ chat about how difficult it is to ask her kids eat vegetables. Generally, most of them like to eat ONLY sliced CARROT in a bowl of soup. The other floating vegetables in that bowl… uugh, won’t be touched!

I just recently realized that I have helped my kid love tomatoes. Know how?

About a month ago I just knew there was a single plant of tomato grew in our front yard. Nobody planting it in purpose, maybe in a morning when my husband drank his juice, he found some tomato seed in his glass and whoosh….in the second the seed lay to the ground. Maybe….nobody knows. The important thing is: the plant grew bigger and bigger without we need watering it. Wow, that’s really the type of plant I like it, still grows without need complicated treatment, ha-ha-ha…..

Magically, after a month the plant started to bloom flower and abracadabra ….they turned into real tomatoes!! Like others basic characteristic of human being, when we saw the fruits (it means will be useful for us) then all of us started interested in that plant.
2 days ago, Ian-my 3rd kid pick his first tomatoes from his own yard….

You know what; he asked me to juice the tomatoes and drank it all. He likes it very much! I also put sliced fresh tomatoes into his meal box with fried rice and the meal box came home empty.

So, this is one from hundreds way on how to “push” your kid becomes a vegetable lover.


E-(phi) said...

Good age to start of being a "vegie lovers, huh? :)

henny said...

Yeah...I hope so.

kentar said...

May i have a tomatoes also heheh