April 05, 2008

Sleep in A Group of Three

I often see this kind of situation at my home: Three of my kids like to sleep together, crowded in one bed and in one room. It’s seem weird for me. I often don’t get it… We have 2 rooms for them, -Dea- the oldest has her own room and Ian with Adit has the other room. For the first month we separated them, it could worked. But at the second month, “migration” between rooms starts happened. We saw they’re busy to carry pillows, blankets, and other stuff from Dea room to the boys’ room or vice versa.
Although they don’t have much room to move while sleeping, they just like the way they do.

Before you’re getting puzzled of this writing, I’ll explain first.
I came from a -one child family-. Since there is no sister or brother I almost never have experiences to struggle with other child in anyway. Thanks to God I have one best friend who live next door, Evi (she’s also the only child in the family and only 6 months younger than me). We always do everything about “kid stuff” together since we weren’t even in preschool yet. My first opportunity to learn the meaning of ‘sharing’ is with her, but still we didn’t need to struggle of anything, like the way I see now with my kids. So that’s why I often ‘surprised’ with their struggling of something, the never ending ‘chaos’ they made, simple things for me could become ‘really serious matter” for them.

One thing that I still don’t understand -like I said in this first paragraph- they’re really like to sleep together and I really ‘don’t like’ to see them sleep together ! From my point of view, it doesn’t good for their health, I’m afraid it could influenced the growth of their spine and doesn’t comfortable at all!
My husband that comes from a –nine child family- (can you imagine how “noisy” they were) told me “that’s brother-sister life! In many ways they liked to do something together and also like the ‘competition’ in it”.
He used to do the same thing with their brothers and sisters.
Well, maybe I have to find a book again about brother-sister life!

Well, so far….I’ll try to take the good point of view.
Maybe that’s good for them. Maybe they could learn something about ‘sharing’ as well as they know the meaning ‘togetherness’, ‘loving each other’ as much as ‘competition’ since they’re little kids.


E-(phi) said...

I agreed with your husband opinion about sharing love between siblings, we even have good time when we were kid (do you remember when we made a tent to sleep in your small front porch...after got off from school)? It wasn't comfortable at all because we slept without matress but we ejoyed it so much.

henny said...

Yes. Did you still remember when we made an extra small cooking area at a narrow alley (really narrow!) behind my house, and we were really happily cooking ? My goodness, I've just realized how dangerous it was for such little kids like us!
Very sweet memories....