May 15, 2008

Do you really KNOW about MILK?

At this moment there are still many women having certain opinion that consuming milk could make them gained more weight or get obesity. That opinion should be changed by now because by drinking milk, especially for women and kids could be a ‘saving’ of calcium in the future.

Actually milk has lots of nutrients and vitamins especially for the bones. The potassium and vit D that has already exist in milk could absorb the calcium in foods we consumed and saved in the bones so we could spared from osteoporosis. Do you know that “saving” calcium should be start from fetus, baby until teens? That’s a very crucial era in saving calcium because on aged 17 the 91% of bone mass has alreadyformed. After that the bone mass will gradually turned down. It almost useless if we started to drink milk or intake calcium supplement at adult aged because of those reason above. So don’t ever get tired to remind your kids to drink milk since they’re very young in aged.

These are kinds of milk at the market we should knew:
•Whole milk
Contain 3,5% of fat and enriched with vit D. When you let it still, there will be a fat layer on top.
•Low fat milk
Contain of 1 – 2% of fat. The nutrient is almost the same with whole milk and enriched with vit D and A.
•Non fat milk / Skim milk
Contain of not more than 0,3% of fat and enriched with vit A to replace the ‘missing’ nutrient in the process of fat banishment.
•Pasteurized milk
Kind of milk that has already pasteurized in ‘disappeared’ bacteria. When the heating process turned well then the taste, color and the contained of thiamin, vit B12 and lysine would stay good.
•Evaporated milk
60% of its water would be evaporated so the color become darken and has the aroma of caramel. This kind of milk has contained 7,5% of fat and rich of vit D & C.
•Condensed milk
It’s a kind of evaporated ‘whole milk’ and has 40% - 50% of added sugar, 8% of fat and usually enriched too with vit A.

So to every mom don’t ever afraid to become fat by drinking milk. Used to drink 1 -2 glass of milk everyday so we could stay healthy until we grow old.

Source: Kompas Daily 31/7/2007 edition & Cosmopolitan March 2002.

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