May 14, 2008

Welcome 'Sesame Street' Indonesia

Welcome to Sesame Street Indonesia! In Indonesian version and language this time.
I'm very pleased to know finally there is a very good program for kids here in my country. Since there are so many uneducated shows on local channels TV here, it would like an 'oasis' to watch "Jalan Sesama" (this is the Indonesian version of 'Sesame Street', not have exactly the same meaning, but the same sound).
I had suggested parents from the preschool I managed to let their kids know this program. Unfortunately, the timing of this program is not comfortable for all kids to watch. It shows every Tuesday afternoon - 1.30pm at Trans 7 Channel. Weird time for kids, isn't it? Couldn't be seen by every kids! Maybe I should write to them to change the time. Hehe..

For almost the last 2 year I wouldn't allowed my kids for watching most of the local TV channels. Their programs only full of jealousy, rivalry, hit and hurt each other...such like that. My hubby finally chose to subscribe one of cable TV program. I didn't say that that the program we subscribe is really good for kids, but at least they could watch National Geographic, Sesame Street, world news and many good quality programs.
I wonder those other Indonesian kids that comes from lower income families. What are their choices for their kids to watch? They don't have any choice at all. Wow, what are we hoped then from my kids generation later when they usually watch that kind of 'junkies' programs.

So, I really appreciated to those people 'behind the screen' that willing their money to buy such a good program for kids to watch on local TV channel. Thank you..


Montessorimum said...

TV, Internet and other media might be a good way of education, but without TV, kids also can learn from other resource. So be it good or not good, some parents choose to do away with TV at all.

henny said...

Yes, it depends on our family 'value' after all.
How difficult it is to be a good parent at this digital era, isn't it?