May 08, 2008

New Hand Wash Basin

There was something interesting yesterday with the kids at preschool. All of them liked to wash their hands over and over again. Some of them also wash their face. They still asked the teacher at class to go out, but with lots and lots of smart reasonable reasons the teacher never faced before. Something like this "my hands are sticky of glue, there's a crayon marked at my face, miss I need to go out to pick my nose for a moment (gee..since when he need to go to out to pick his nose...usually he need tissue)", etc. They washed up not only before and after had their meal, but several times in a day. Some of them needed to change their outfit because had wet all over.

You know why they acted like that?
Because we have a new hand-wash basin with 3 taps at school since the old ones didn't sufficient anymore to accommodate their hand washing and teeth brushing activities.
But look the fact now..
Instead of decrease the long queue the new hand wash basin made longer queue than before! And the kids were happy to do that.
Gosh, I didn't guess before that a new hand wash basin could really made them very excited and happy like that! I think my plan to stick some instant cute pictures on the ceramic tiles at that area should be reschedule....
No need longer queue for this moment!


mumsgather said...

Haha. So Cute. Happy Mother's Day Henny.

Xtina said...

Ada ada aja ya anak-anak itu!
Happy Mother's Day juga ya Hen!

henny said...

MG, Xtina,
happy mother's day too..

E-phi said...

He..he...aren't they precious?

henny said...