May 08, 2008

Digging Books!!

I just realized I haven't blogged or browsed for almost 5 days! could I?
Maybe because I was busy digging the books at the book expedition. Hahaha... Yes, I really mean "stir up and dig" at a stuck of books.
Last week there was a quite big book expedition at my town. Many publishers and bookstores participated. Eventually for couple of years since Soeharto didn't take hold as president, they could published any kinds of books with quite good price in this country. As a bookish surely I love this freedom ambiance.

Back to what I found at the expedition....
So many books. I took from the theme I loved 'till the ones that could add more wrinkles at my forehead, but still I took them because for the most important reason...
( as a mom of 3 I become more selective in buying stuff, always try to find good stuff with reasonable price, luckily if I could find ones with cheaper price).
That's what I mean, While I was going around the exhibition I found a crowded of people at one stand at the corner. Full of curiosity I went in the crowd and saw something written with red-big letter in one side of the partition "Rp 5000 - Rp 15.000" (only 5 - 10 U$). It was quite apparent to me the stand was selling imported and second hand books, maybe also the overstocked books from publisher.
I don't care with that as long as the books still in good condition. many of them still in plastic wrapped completed with their real price tags. I love this place!

I went there for 2 days in a row and spent at least 2 hours on the average before I picked up my son and you know what...for those 2 days I arrived minimum 15 minutes late at his school!
From 2 days being a book hunter I've got more than 10 good quality books that I've never seen before at local book stores here. I feel completely lucky and happy.
Still until this day, busy for reading all the books.


E-phi said...

Don't feel bad about getting used book like that...I got that for many times...and it's good for such condition like nowadays!

henny said...

Yes, agree! The contents of the books are more important. Never judge a books by its cover, ok!
ha ha ha..