June 12, 2008

Her First Nails Polished

Last night, like the other usual nights I was reading a story book to Ian before his bed time. He chose ‘The Saturn’. Thanks God, he chose a new one! I’ve already read the same ‘lift the flap’ book of “Farming” six nights in a row before! Maybe that would be the first night of ‘The Saturn’ before reading it over and over again.. :)

We only have 2 bedrooms for the 3 kids, so Ian as the youngster must sleep with his big Sis since he never get to sleep on time when he sleep in his brother’s bedroom (Almost “forbidden” to put the 2 boys in one room for sleeping together although their ages almost 7 years apart).
After read the book I have to pass my daughter’s bed to turn off the lamp. At a glance I saw her nails sparkling by the lamp light. I took a look at her nails and asked spontaneous to her,
“Did you polish your nails?”
With a shy and a little bit guilty face she nodded. Didn’t know how to react to this situation, I looked closely to her nails and said, “Nice color, but how did you get it?” (I don’t have any, you know..haha..poor mom!)
“My friend asked me to try her new nail polish at school yesterday”, she answered.
Lucky me she polished her nails with soft pink *almost nude* color. Good taste!

As a matter of fact I was a little bit surprised about her colored nails Gee…it was a new beginning of her teen’s era. I almost forgot she’ll become 13 the next two months.
Last night was my first ‘cosmetic experience’ with her. I believe there will be another in the future.
What should I do? ;(


mumsgather said...

I guess it would be a good time to teach and advise on the application of cosmetics as well as how to take care of her face with proper washing etc. Tell her that the best cosmetics in the world is a clean and good complexion. Hehe.By teaching her you'll get to be her "friend" and you can also make sure that she doesn't apply something unsuitable for her age. (though 13 seems kinda young but kids these days...)

Tammy said...

All little girls LOVE makeup. My 4 year old niece is always into mine and my daughters makeup.

henny said...

thanks for all your advices.
You seem to be a good mom for your 'future' teen daughter :)

you're right. It seems girls & makeup always 'one package' since very young age! Haha..