June 11, 2008

"Why don't you changed your shoes, honey?"

My 4 year old kid doesn’t like anymore when I chose suit or shoes for him. I should be proud of him since he has already independent, but sometimes I feel frustrated. I often feel his choice not in properly. Maybe some of you had ever experienced this kind of situation. I’ll describe you the situation that often jumps to the never ending debating between mum and her little son.

Once we attended a party of my friend’s wedding he choose to wear his old shoes, I mean they’re not just looked ugly, but really old because the ties were almost broken and part of the sole had open like a crocodile mouth. At that time I felt regret why didn’t I throw away that shoes days before…
At the end like usual: I *mom* won, son lose :b
My son should wore the shoes I had chosen for him while crying.

Not only with shoes, it had happened with suit or pants, too.
Sometimes it was really annoying me, especially when our time schedule was tight!
( Gee, I forgot, kids never give a care about time)
I often think I should be more patience with him especially when we're in a hurry to do something. Really difficult, you know...How about you?


mumsgather said...

You've just been tagged. :)

ellen said...

It is hard to let your little ones dress as they like. My sons are big and grown, but I do remember hiding my eyes at some of the clothes they chose to wear. But...it does all work out in the end. They will grow up to be lovely people!

Tammy said...

Aidan wanted to wear his Thomas the Tank Engine sneakers out yesterday even though they are too big.

henny said...

MG,thank u.

thanks too for stopping by.
Yes, I believe it was only 'little part/step' they should go through before their long journey to be lovely grown up people like you said.

my son did the "silly" same thing sometimes.