June 29, 2008

Hunting for Batik

When we went to Jogja (a city at Central Java) last weekend, three of us (Rani-my bestfrind, my daughter and I) were hunting batik cloth in a traditional market at Malioboro Street. Batik is a Javanese traditional cloth, maybe some of you had already knew it. Batik has also become a national cloth of Indonesian. We’re a little bit confused to see many kinds of batik, I mean confused to choose which one we want since all of the batik cloths were beautiful. Like most women in the world…we love shopping, spent much time for it, happily doing it, and the most interesting part for us were the prices… Quite cheap! It range between 2 – 10 U$, but finally Rani was the one that bought a lot of batik cloths. Maybe because she’s the one that lived far away from her motherland so when she was here, she wasn’t wasting this rare opportunity.
Here is some of our hunting for batik cloths.

Now my daughter and I haven’t make up our mind yet what we want to do with the batik cloths we had :-) We want our batik cloths become our special clothes. Have an idea for us?


Tammy said...

What beautiful material! I'm not sure what you use it for, but maybe you can make a nice skirt out of it.

Xtina said...

If I were you, those beautiful batiks will definitely become dresses!! Because if you want batik table cloths or bed sheets or other stuffs, I believe they have a lot of already made, dont they? Anyway, I love all the batik designs you have on the pictures! Makes me miss Yogyakarta and shopping for batik in Beringharjo :-((

henny said...

Thanks Tam,
batik skirt and white cotton blouse (I like white!). I'm going pretty then :-)

dresses could be nice too. Thanks!
I think the same with you, but Rani bought lots of batik for her pillow covers, table lamp shade, hbed sheet, anything at her house maybe...:-)