July 01, 2008

No Birthday Present?

Yesterday we (my 2 big kids and I) had an interesting conversation with Ian.
Mom : “What do you want for your birthday present, Ian?”
Ian : (no response, still thinking)
Mom : “2 more days, on this Thursday you’re going to be 5.”
Ian : “No, I don’t want.”
Mom : (still confused) "You don’t want a birthday present? A new toy ?"

His 2 siblings open widen their eyes. I knew their eyes told me like this…Come on Ian, this is a very rare opportunity mom asked you about TOYS!!

Ian : “I just don’t want!”
His brother: “Lego, still don’t want?!” (I knew he want to take profit from this situation ;-) )
Ian : “I just don’t want any thing, I’ve already had one new toy.”
His sister: “The one that Dad bought last Sunday?”
Ian : “Yes!!”
Mom : "What about a birthday cake?" (feeling guilty)
Ian: “Ok, I want a birthday cake with a picture on top that I could eat it’”
Mom : ??
His sister: “Maybe a cake with an edible photo image at the top.”

After a while my daughter was looking for ads about it and found the phone number of a woman who receives orders edible photo prints. She’s the only one in our city and it’s a pity she’s on vacation till next week. No order then. Every cake shops here usually give their edible photo prints orders to her. I’ve plan formerly to bake a birthday cake for Ian and just put the edible photo of him on the top. ;-(

Think, think…mom! Get a new idea…

Then finally I make up my mind; still bake a birthday cake for him but he could make the decoration on top by himself. I just prepare the butter cream in many colors and let him squeeze it from a paper bag to make anything he wants. That will be his “present”.
What do you think of this idea? I just want him feel happy on his special day.


Xtina said...

Udah gede ya Ian! dan sepertinya dia lebih dewasa pemikirannya...gak mau toys lagi karena udah dibeliin Bapaknya ;-)) duuuh mana ada sih anak kecil lain yang seperti dia. Aku jadi bangga nih sebagai tantenya :-D
from your new auntie in Hackettstown!
God Bless you always!!!

Shelly G & Hope P said...

How sweet, I wonder what he is thinking about turning 5... I can't wait to see the pictures of the finished cake... Happy Birthday Ian :)

Tammy said...

What a sweet little boy!!! I'm sure he will have a blast decorating the cake!

henny said...

Thank you my friends..
for all your wishes to Ian. I can't wait too to see his decorating on cake :)He's already excited since today