June 08, 2008

Kids’ Browsing Times

“Mom, can I play ‘Bob the Builder’ again?”. Lately I used to hear such question like that from my little boy, Ian. Usually I let him play for about half an hour, once or twice a day. Quite different, his 2 other siblings need longer times, depends on what they’re browsing for. Usually they browse for their school assignments *find pictures of plants, looking for history of a place, etc*. Surely besides the school assignments, they do browse for fun especially at weekends. One thing that I still a little bit confused is how long should they can browse the internet each day? I’m not sure about my own rule about timing. I remembered at one of my friend’s house, the PC always turns on all day long and their kids could browse whenever they want.

What about your ‘rule’ about this for your kids? I really want to hear from you.
I’m afraid if I’m too stingy about timing, then they (especially the teens) will do outside the house and I can’t observe kinds of website they’re linked.

Here in my country you can easily find hotspot areas now, very different from 2 or 3 years ago. I saw a new habit among college’s students and white collar workers for hunting new hotspot places for browsing. They can only order a cup of coffee or tea and sit browsing for hours.
Subscribing a personal broadband access is similar, easy. I subscribe from one of broadband provider here a personal package of 1 GB for Rp 120.000,-/month (about 13 U$). It’s quite a reasonable price for me. (I don’t know in other countries, maybe cheaper)

So, please share with me about this matter.


Tammy said...

Aidan is only 3 so he gets 30 minutes to play Thomas the Tank Engine, but he doesn't play every day. Aurora is 14 and she gets an hour a day. I have unlimited DSL combined with my phone bill.

henny said...

Thanks Tam,
for sharing. Mine too combined with phone bill that's why I should prepare for 2 bills for browsing.

mumsgather said...

I am on broadband with my pc on all day but the kids who are just 4 and 6 get to use it under supervision. I don't know what it'll be like when they reach their teens though. It will be challenging to handle then. Probably you need to share with me. Haha.

henny said...

with teens always MORE complicated in every way. Sometimes not challenging anymore, but frustrating. Believe me..:)