June 06, 2008

Toys Sorting Day

Have you ever thought (for those moms who have more than 1 kid at home) that toys had taken too much space in the living room or in your kid’s room or maybe you never fell “dizziness” on this toys matter since you already have a special toys room for your kid? (Blessed you & your kid then :-b )

Honestly I hate to see scattered toys and should grumble and complained about that over and over again to my boy. Although he’s good enough in clean up time, but still when he’s already tired playing he like to do it for a long time ;-( and usually I became impatient. That’s why I have rules that we must to sort his toys regularly and never buy toys exceeded the capacity of his big cleared plastic container (I bought him one for keeping all his toys). So when we couldn’t close the lid of his container then it means we have to sort his toys.

Usually the toys sorting day take place on Saturday when I’ve got no plenty works to do, like we did just a few minutes ago today. Ian will reverse his big plastic container and the toys spilled all over the floor. He always enjoys this moment, big smile on his face! Both of us will sort which toys still used and not used. The term “not used” means part of the toys has broken and we couldn’t fix anymore. Usually this kind of toys end in the trash bin or we give them too the ‘newspaper lady’ (the lady that always go around the housing complex –buy our former newspaper- for reselling again to the recycle paper agency. She likes to receive kind of broken toys too).

Our ‘Toys Sorting Day’ really helpful after all to organize and put Ian’s toys in order.
What do you do in organizing your kids’ toys?


Tammy said...

I really need to sort out Aidan's toys. He's got 3 over flowing toy boxes and it's really starting to be an issue.

henny said...

maybe you should reduce his toy boxes soon.