June 03, 2008

"S.O.S Delivery Order"

If you have teens at homes then maybe you ever had this experience: run out of foods.
Yes, I really mean that. I often ‘run out of’ foods (mostly side dishes) at their early years of teens. They turned to have so much appetite for eating. It seemed any kinds of foods smell appetizing 
I forgot they’re not little kids anymore. They need more calories and energies for their fast growth. I was just not used in this new habit at that time. I used to cook just enough for 2 adults and 3 kids portions *I don’t like leftover foods* so when my 2 kids asked for more side dish, I was surprised and felt guilty. Oh oh, mommy forgot again! Need more foods…Then usually *think fast* I called the nearest Chinese restaurant for a “S.O.S” delivery order 
Nowadays I seldom run out of side dishes. I have used to cook for 5 adults (1 portion adding in case they need more :-b) and 1 kid portions. Every time I shop for the groceries I always put couple of frozen foods that could ready served in minutes in my list for example: sausages, croquettes, chicken spring rolls, bakpao (steamed bun stuffed with meat) just in case when they need to EAT while I’m busy *blink blink* Hehe..
But still the copy paper of menu from the Chinese restaurant stays in the fridge’s door. When ever I need the S.O.S delivery order, I just call…
What about your teens?


Tammy said...

I only have one teenager, but when she has her friends over it's unreal the amount of food the can eat.

Xtina said...

My Son ate a lot on his early teenage-hood, but now that he's 18 he is more concerns on his looks and watches everything he eats and eats a lot less than he used to be. He even often reminds us to eat more healthy....hmm I have a healthy food lover teenager huh ;-))

henny said...

My teens had never came home with friends yet, but maybe soon... I'll remember this.

great to have a teenager like yours! I hope mine too later.