June 01, 2008

'the Secret'

The Secret

Now I’m in the middle reading ‘the Secret’, maybe need one more day to finish it.
At first I think the book was only about “abracadabra, your wish will come true”, it seemed too ‘materialist’ for me, but the more I read the more I understand what the writer wants to tell.
After all it’s a good book. I started to like it :-b
Interesting to know about the ‘universe attraction law’. It said when you’re thinking of something you’ll attract many similar thinking to your own. So if your mind has negative frequency, change it to the positive one and the highest frequency is LOVE.

So far, one thing I like from this book is:
You could create your own life in purpose. Just create YOUR DAY first by thinking the shape of moments you wanted, then YOU will create your own day in purpose.

Maybe some of you had read ‘the Secret’ then you can share with me…
(the website is http://www.thesecret.tv)
Maybe you had ever tried to practice it.
I’ll write again after I finish reading the book.


Tammy said...

That sounds like an interesting book. I'm still trying to finish reading the book I started months ago. I just never seem to find the time. :o(

Shelly G & Hope P said...

My family owns the DVD and the audio CD from the book. It has helped my children realize that their attitude has a lot to do with what happens to them. I have also found it very helpful to watch the DVD when I feel like I am having a bit of an attitude:) I think there is a lot of truth in the Universal Law of Attraction...

henny said...

that's why I always put the book I've been reading on my bag, so whenever I go or pick up the kids from school or waiting for them, I read. Being a mom made me need days sometimes weeks to finish one book :-)

Shelly & Hope,
Great.. you had already watch the DVD. Maybe I should have one, too.
Here, they don't sell the CD (so I should buy from the secret website then..). Thank u for sharing and visiting my blog.