July 22, 2008

Adit's Piano Lesson

My 2nd kid, Adit has already taken his piano class for almost 3 years since he was at grade 4 at school. After took the course I could see his talented in playing piano. I found a revolutionary new piano school here with Wei Tsin Fu’s teaching method-SNOWMAN’S DREAM. I like its principle in teaching music to kids : a method of learning in a playful way, which allows to achieve these highest level performances with ease and minimal effort, and in minimal time. The school considers itself a brain school, using the process of learning music to help students discover their intelligence, in all fields – music, logic, motoric, emotion, etc. I also have a ‘strong’ opinion that kids should enjoy everything they do in learning without decreasing their time for ‘real’ playing.

Adit loves his piano class very much, but a month lately I think he feel a little bit boring to attend his piano class. One day he said “I don’t like this song” or another day “I don’t like the way my teacher taught me” (when his own teacher went to Germany and someone substitute her) or any other reason he made. Have you ever experience this with your kids in piano lesson? I really need to hear your experience or suggestion about this. Should he attend another piano class with another new teacher or just break for couple of weeks? Yesterday I’ve discussed this to his own teacher and she said it would be a pity to “moved” to another piano class because their methods should be different from them and it will influence Adit’s way of playing piano. She said I should wait 2 until next week to see his progress in this case after he attend a one week special course from a teacher that comes from Germany (from their head office music school). Since I’m not playing piano or any other music instrument I’m confused to make up the best decision for Adit. I remembered after he was taking the course for only 1,5 month he travel to Singapore by his own with her teacher and his 5 friends to performed at Esplanade Concert Hall for a music camp and piano recital.
I'm affraid I'll make a wrong decision in this case. Anybody would help me, please?


mumsgather said...

I would wait it out for a while rather than switch at this point of time. Its always hard to tell whether the kids interest or disinterest is lasting isn't it? ;)

Shelly G & Hope P said...

My older kids all learned to play the piano, as well as, other instruments... and there were times when they would grow tired of lessons or need a change... Sometimes it was just a matter of letting them pick a piece of music they really want to learn to play instead of the prescribed lesson... If you as a parent are happy with the teacher and teaching... I would try to stick it out a little while longer:)

henny said...

Mg, shelly,
I'll take your advices to stay and stick it out a little longer at the course to see his progress. Otherwise I saw he's got his 'spirit' back in playing piano after taking the 2 days private course with the Germany teacher. This saturday the teacher asked him to join a performance at a charity concert for church. Let's see..

Anonymous said...

Hi, its been a while since your kid learnt the "snowman's method"? I'm thinking of enroling my kid too. It'll be useful to share how he's doing now.

Thsnk you.