July 15, 2008

Cute Little Butterflies

I bought these 4 little creatures from a handycraft store (I compared their size to a button) They made from a little wire with sparkling small beads in some place. Aren't they cute? I just bought all for Rp 6000,- (U$ 0.60). I want to make hairpins or brooch with them. That's the easist way, only put a little glue to a black hairpin or glued a safety pin behind the wings...But it has been 4 days, I just love to watch them.. Too beautiful to put glue on them. :)


Suzanne said...

Hello I came over from Sweet tidings blog. I was sad to see that you dont share your card art on your blog. I hope you do in the future as I am sure you are very talented. Having started blogging only this year, I am starting to show my projects and people always encourage me.
Have a great day.

Shelly G & Hope P said...

Oh Henny, I have that happen to me with certian things... I think I will make something else with it and wind up loving the item just as it is... I have actually had to go and buy another set so I can craft with one set... and enjoy the others... I have seen some really pretty butterfly projects on sticks that look like branchesI can't wait to hear what you make:)
Hope you are having a great week:)

Xtina said...

Hen, if i were you, i will glue one on the tip of a stick and stick it in between flowers (flower arrangement)..and they will become "alive" !!!

henny said...

thanks for visiting my blog :)
Ok, I'll share my projects later.

haha..now I've an idea to buy another one!

seems your idea would be great, thanks. Really, today I'll buy another 4.