July 15, 2008

Kids' Friendship

Do you realize that most kids are so easy to make friends?

For example, my bestfriend at univ came to visit us last month. She brought her 2 boys with her. We're travelling together and they all stayed at our home for 3 days. My little boy -Ian- could make friend to her son -Rama- immediately. Although they're 5 years apart in aged and don't speak fluently in the same language (both of them used to speak mix in English-Indonesian) they become closer and closer every day. Whenever we're travelling by 2 cars, Ian chosed to sit in the same car with Rama. They sleep together, too.

When they're leaving, I know Ian was sad (like me :b). Now almost a month had over, Ian still missed his new found best friend. Sometimes when he feel that way, he speak to me and imitate the way Rama talks when playing.
I think adults rarely can make bestfriends in just 3 days. We can learn their spirit in making new friends.


Tammy said...

That is so wonderful that they became friends so quickly!

Shelly G & Hope P said...

I wish as an adults we could simply bring friendship back to the simple place in life were we trust and grow... I am home now and I have a lot less female friends and I want more... but I am not sure how to make new friendships... it all seems so complex

I hope your week is going well...

Shelly G.

Tammy said...

I have an award for you. :o)

henny said...

that's the way kids make friends, sooo...easy.
Thanks for your award!

I wish the same. We often think complicated before doing simple things.
I'll keep it your email address.