July 19, 2008

I’ll Be There

I’ve made up my mind about attending the reunion gathering. I’ll be there with my friends and I take my husband’s suggestion for traveling alone! He has a little worried if I take Ian with me then Ian would ‘disturb’ my fun time.
Oh, what a lovely understanding hubby..I love you! :)

I hope while I’m traveling my kids would also take the advantage of learning to be on his own (especially the little one, we’ve never been separated before) and maybe I could take my ‘undisturbed’ moment at the train for such a contemplation time. So far so good I think …I already have the train’s ticket and I’ll go at 8.30 pm today. Some of my old friends sent me short messages yesterday about the gathering. It turned out pleased to get in touch again with them.
Now I could reflect an image of our joyfulness tomorrow :)

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Xtina said...

Have a good trip and have fun!