July 26, 2008

It Doesn’t Easy At All

Last night (I think) I had a ‘bad’ conversation with my boy. Basically it was such a miscommunication. After 24 hours over, I know I was the one who started ‘wrong’.
It began with my help to plastic covered his school books, there were still 2 and we got each. While I was in the middle in covering I felt something sharp touched my elbow. Instantly I shouted,
“Close your cutter lid. It’s dangerous!” (I knew he hold a cutter before to cut the plastic sheet and pretty sure he didn’t close the lid).
“Look, I haven’t opened this cutter’s lid yet!!”, he snapped at me and showed his cutter closed to my eyes.

Shocked to his reaction, I fall in silent. Suddenly I felt really sad and I got my tears down quietly. On these days I feel the 2 of my kids like to snap at me. When I traced back my memory then I know maybe I’m the one who started snap at them. I feel so sorry about this. I’m not a type of mom that have full of patience :(

I know it doesn’t easy at all to be a mom of 2 kids who begin their teens aged. We both have so many conflicts here and there sometimes. I know it has been a difficult year for them in the beginning, but really it doesn’t easy at all for me...
How do you cope to this kind of conflict or feeling with your teenage kids? I really should learn to someone that already had through this ..


Fitri said...

perhaps someday I can learn from you :-) My daughter, Annisa is only 2yo but I nervous already.

PS : Hope you still remember me ^_^

Tammy said...

I have a teenage girl and sometimes it gets difficult, but it's all a part of them growing up I guess.

henny said...

Hi..of course I still remember you. Anisa is cute..I hope you have great life there. Thanks for visiting my blog!

yes..both side are in the process of learning and 'growing'. The one is growing 'up' the other is growing 'old'. haha...