July 27, 2008

No Title

I’m in the middle of reading a book “Go around Europe in 6 Months with only U$ 1000”. At first I thought it was just an exciting experience of a backpacker with a low budget, but the more I read I know that I don’t just have her sightseeing experiences. Many philosophies thinking I could find there based on her experiences of meeting many kind of people from different cultures and countries.

The writer wrote one of this interesting joke:
“There are two rooms in this world. The first one is full of peace and blessing, the other one is full of conflicts and disputes. The first room was occupied by Moses, Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha and Krishna while the second one was occupied by their follower.”
I had told my kids about this joke. I think they should know this to shape their open mind and heart to other people.
Besides it’s my habit to tell interesting matters that I found from books I have been reading to closed people around me…. :)

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