July 01, 2008

A Peaceful School Holiday

The school holiday has been going for 1 week, 2 weeks more left. I found this time is a quite ‘peace’ school holiday we ever had, quarrels between siblings only happen at afternoon. Usually they had it whenever they like. It wasn’t really a quarrel after all, more often always starts with talking nonsense or such a silly conversation between them, giggling their own silly jokes then after that become teasing each other, so the ‘noisy’ come..
When I think it over, maybe because all the 3 are busy with their summer courses on this holiday.
Dea take Manga Drawing course (Japanese comic drawing style). The 2 boys attend I-Robo class. They learn how to make a little robot and could operate with it with a remote control or infra red sensor. This year I’m lucky and succeed enough could get the same schedules for all of them. All their courses start in the morning till noon. They come home exhausted, have their lunch, after that take nap together. On the afternoon they start to do such silly thing together. That’s the holiday cycles of them… No exceeded quarrel :)
Hmm.. I wish they could be like this forever.

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