July 09, 2008

Play Station Games

Most of families with kids here have Sony Play Station Set at home, but we don’t have any. My hubby only bought a Game Boy for them. We think it’s enough. They could only play it on weekend. I don’t like to see them just sitting most of the times with eyes stuck on a small monitor. Not healthy at all.
Sometimes I wonder if my boys feel a little bit ‘left behind’ (not up to date) in this case since most of their friends have Play Stations., but so far they’re ok. Well, sometimes Adit, aged 11, ask about it, but never complain so much after he heard our explanation. (By the way am I strict too much?)
What about your rule about this ‘Play Station’ stuff at home?
I think it’s a pity kids nowadays don’t play traditional outdoor games too like the way we did when we’re kids such like playing marbles, stilt, rope, hopscotch jump, kites, etc. They could learn about cooperation and sportsmanship. Do your kids still play those games? Mine don’t. My hubby had ever tried to introduce some to them, but since they don’t have any friend to play with then his effort was a little bit useless.


ellen said...

I think that some children have too many "toys" and distractions. Perhaps that's my age showing! I feel that so many are programmed constantly to be doing this or that and have far too many electronic gadgets. I believe they should have quiet times too, times where they construct their own games, learn to be with themselves and to value some solitude. It serves us all well our entire life when we can be still and at peace and happy with ourselves.
Oh, I should just be quiet here!
Thanks so much for visiting my space. I have been busy and will get back to posting soon. Best to you, Henny.

Tammy said...

My kids have a Nintendo Wii, actually it's their fathers, but he shares with them . LOL! Aidan has some education video games he plays and as long as they are education I let him play them. Most times though he would rather play with his toys or outside though.

Giftedmom said...

My kids have a Gameboy Advance. I don't encourage Playstation. Rules can be set when there's a PS around but it's going to involve a lot of enforcement.

And Daddy would always interfere and say, 'Might as well don't buy if there are tight rules about playing PS'. So, better not to have PS.

mumsgather said...

Is daddy into electronic games? If he is, then its something that he could play with the boys as another type of bonding so its not all bad. Thats my take. But on their own, you will need to enforce a set of rules and make sure they stick to it. Not easy.

henny said...

Ellen & MG,
good and wise advice .. Thank you!

I often has difficulty in limiting the times for playing such digital stuff. My kids always say, "just a sec, mom".

I agree with you.
Better not to have it :b