July 04, 2008

White Paper Syndrome

I often get the ‘white paper syndrome’ every time I open word document on my PC (I usually write there before I copy and paste to my blog). I just feel intimidated by the white default blank paper and confused what I should to write. Have you ever felt this way?

I remember about couple of weeks ago I attended a writing workshop at a local bookstore (It was my first time considering writing to be a ‘serious’ matter). They invited a famous local writer in that interesting program. I’ve got lucky to join it although it was really a short workshop, it was about 4 hours.

The writer said there’s no standard steps for writing. Any writing theory couldn’t make us an expert in writing because the only you need in writing is “action” or practicing.
Idea can hit you every where, just follow these 3 helpful steps:
1. Become a kid again
This is the easiest way to find and dig ideas, be the curiosity of a kid. Always ask “Why, why and why..” to yourself.
2. Accustomed to make a little note in your notes on cell phone, piece of paper or anything.
If there’s something interesting crossed your mind or you saw while you’re doing something, just take a little note of it. It could be 1 or 2 words, only for reminders.
3. Re-opening your old memories or personal journal if you have it. Sometimes we could find funny stories that has related to nowadays situation.

After all, those 3 first steps are really helpful to me when I faced again my ‘white paper syndrome’. I always admired to my blogger friend that could write more than 2 subjects in a single day (for example Tammy, Anna, MG, Elaine).
I couldn’t. I just feel grateful if I could write one single topic everyday in my blog.
Lucky me if I can write 2 like this morning :)

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Tammy said...

Thank for you kind words! I still get stuck sometimes, but since the year that i have been blogging it has gotten easier to write. Hope you are having a great weekend! :o)