July 18, 2008

Should I go or not?

Next Monday I’ve a plan to attend a reunion of my architecture class’87. At the beginning I was so excited to meet my old friends-the last time we met at our graduation on ’93-, 15 years ago !! There might be many changes happened to us. I had planned to go by night train (about 8 hours) alone because Monday is work day and the kids have to go to school.

But today, I feel uncertain about that. I feel a bit worried about leaving the kids at home although I’ve a maid, but when I think back deeply, the real reason maybe because I used to travel with my family.
It’s true; I almost never had traveled (far) alone since married. To imagine sitting side by side with a stranger at the train, a little bit weird…
I haven’t made up my decision yet, should I cancelled or maybe I would take my little boy with me :b since he still in K2 so he could ‘absent’ from his class for a day or two to accompany me :)

Have you ever felt like this or experience the same way?


Xtina said...

hmmm..i think you should go and hire a baby sitter for your kids, it has been ...how long? since you met with your old friends?? and at the same time, while you were gone you were teaching your kids to be independent for one weekend...right?!!

Shelly G & Hope P said...

Oh Henny, I think you should follow what you feel... if you are having a strong feeling to not go... don't go... Otherwise I think taking your boy might be really fun... because you would have some one on one time... and I love to do that with the kids...

I haven't gotten an email... Most likely because Blogger doesn't allow replys to comments sent... so here is my email address:

I hope you have a safe trip if you go:)


Tammy said...

Go and have a good time with your old friends!

henny said...

X, Shel, Tam,
Well, I'll go then :)