August 13, 2008

"Actually it was our vacation, not him.."

Have you ever been asked your kids to play hooky, I mean ‘deserted’ from school? I did 3 days ago.
You know, I asked them to join me to Makassar for 4 days vacation started from Saturday until Tuesday. They have already been schooling for 2 weeks (we’re earlier in starting the new semester here), so at first I think it was ok to write a permission letter to their teacher. Then I received difference responses from them.

Since our destination is a port city and full of beaches then the little one that’s still in K2 said: “Yeah, I wanna go with you, mom. I wanna play sand again at the beach.” The second boy, who always discipline and do everything in order said : “Gosh, mom…how could you ask me to do that? How if I left out my lesson, my teacher said there will be 2 tests on Monday. “The oldest one, my daughter who tends to be a relaxed and easy going person said: “Ok, never mind to ask a permit to my teacher. If there will be a test then I can do it the next day. I ever had done before. Wow, I couldn’t stand to be in the airport soon ..”.Look, 3 kids with 3 different thoughts… and it completed with one mother with ‘strange’ request. Lol!

We’re back from our vacation in Makassar -a port city at Sulawesi island-2 days ago. Finally all of my kids agreed to join us. We all have great time there. Right now I think my one leg still there and the other leg is here.
Actually it was my husband’s agenda to be there for 4 days for attending the Indonesian Ophthalmologist Association Annual Meeting. Since he got 2 complimentary rooms at the hotel to take the family there (so we’re only need to buy the airline tickets) that’s why I felt it was a pity if we didn’t take this rare opportunity :)

So there were 2 agendas for us while we were there:
My husband was busy with the meeting until late at night, I and the kids were busy too exploring the new exciting places. We’re all together only at breakfast in the hotel. So far I think it was our vacation, just for me and the kids, not for my hubby :) He only accompanied us on his half latest day.

By the way, back to my first question about playing hooky, am I a bad or good mom in this case? Haha… Of course the first one, no other choice and no need to ask !

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