August 07, 2008

Always Read The Same Book

Most of Ian's books are about tractors, forklift, buldozers, and such kind of construction vehicles like that. Whenever we go to a book store he always end up in a line to cash register holding that kind of book to pay. I remember when he aged 3 we always have to argue seriously there because he often pick the same book that he had already have at home. It was really hard to persuade or make him understand that he don't really need to have 2 same books although he LOVE the topics so much!

Now at aged 5, he's a little bit 'wise', seldom to do that again, but still a big fan of construction vehicles topics. Like the way I did last night. I read to him the same title of book for 5 days in a row. Usually I only need to read for him 4 times before he pick his other books. I was doing something "silly" last night. I skip one or two pages secretly just to make the reading session finished a little bit quickly. But my trickery had never been succeed. haha... He always know every details of the contain and pictures from the book.
when I was on page 5 then he asked, "Where the other story before this, Mom? Let me turn the pages for you."
Oh, my gosh....

So, if you have anything to asked about construction vehicles, just let me know...
I'm an expert in it now :)


Tammy said...

Aidan loves having his Thomas the Tank Engine books read to him and he also loves Dr.Seuss.

Shelly G & Hope P said...

Henny, Your post made me smile. I remember days with my older kids being so tired that I just wanted bedtime stories to be done fast. My boys always caught me. They also memorized their favorites. I haven't tried it with Hope... But I will say that when I am tired we read the same short books (for example, Hungry Catipillar) so that I know we will turn out the lights faster:)

ellen said...

They always know, don't they?
Take care, dear Henny.

henny said...

that is also kind of "interesting" always-to-read" book, too :)

sometimes we like to "lie" to our kids. I feel sorry for this :(

yes, its so true they always know.

Monica said...

I do the page skipping too when I think they're asleep, but usually doesn't work, and I have to read the whole story again.

Suzanne said...

How sweet he has such a love of these books. He sure knows what he wants in life. We have had to read the same book a few times in a row.

mumsgather said...

Well, my two will always demand for fairness. So if I read two stories for the girl, the boy will insist on two stories and they must be of the same length too!

E-phi said...

he..nothings wrong to know about other than "building" construction as you used to learn...he he he..

[finally I got time to read this "tickle" story]

Night night!

henny said...

sometimes it goes the same with me, maybe they think we're "cheating" :b

you know what..he think he really sure want to be a backhoe driver when grow up and his sister said "Why won't you own a backhoe factory than just to be a backhoe driver?". Kids... :)

thanks god my 2 other kids had passed the 'story telling times'.

haha...finally you had time to visit my blog! Thank you...