August 27, 2008

More Phone Calls

I have been in a ‘domestic research’ of phone callings at our home for almost a month now. I do without any serious purpose, just fulfilling my curiosity. I found there’s a big difference in the sum of phone calling before the 2 big kids still at Elementary School and now, when they’re in Junior High School (7th and 8th grade). Maybe I should tell you about the education system here. We have 6 years for Elementary, 3 years at Junior High and another 3 years for Senior High before someone enter the university/college. Back to my ‘research’, the phone usually busy rings between 4 – 7 pm when the kids at home. Definitely those calls come from their friends. Nothing seems really important from my point of view, but maybe truly important for them.

Almost all the conversations talking about school stuffs like “what about your assignment, do you know what page of our homework, don’t forget to bring blah,blah..for our group project tomorrow, how to make the front cover of our blah, blah…, etc”. (I put the TV, telephone and PC at the living room so I would know what my kids doing with all those things).

Interesting for me to know they have a bigger group of friends now in Junior High and a little bit different stuff as topics for talking. So when the phone rings between those hours, I nor my husband, rare to get an opportunity to pick up the phones. Usually my boy or my daughter would walk fast (or almost run?) to reach the phone.
Until this time the conversation still take place about school stuff, never heard about ask for a date or getting closer to that stuff, not yet I mean.
Maybe I would do a ‘serious research’ if they finally ‘reach’ that moment or maybe I confused what should I do :(
What about your 7th or 8th grade kids phoning activities nowadays?

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Tammy said...

Aurora is going into grade 9 and she would be on the phone 24 hours a day if I let her.