August 25, 2008

Thinking of Another Blog

If I'm not mistaken this is my 102th posts and I was thinking to have another blog as a present that I could write as many as that (I never imagined that before that I could write) and maybe a birthday present to myself. In my thought it would be my other creative blog about anything I made or do in my spare time on my ‘positive’ moods and minds.
Sometimes when I browse and visit someone’s blog that full of her creative projects pictures I just can’t stand to write comments, learn something from them or want to share the experience in making it. I think the contain of this blog (All About Kids) would be blurred if I also write or upload pictures of my handy craft works. Basically I love art and craft works :)
What do you think? Make another one (and try to find another extra time to write and post, it’s difficult sometimes :b ) or just changed the name of this blog?


ellen said...

Dear Henny, Of course you may email me. I have a problem responding to you from my blog lately and today, Google, Firefox and Everything was so crazy. My email is:
Thank you as always for visiting my little space. Best to you, Ellen.

Xtina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Henny dear!! May God bless you in all you do!!

create a new blog for your creations??? ABSOLUTELY!!!
it will make you more 'creative'!
I cant wait to see it ;))

henny said...

Ok, I'll send you email soon.

thank're so sweet. This is the first wish I read this morning. Being 39 is really fine and great :) and I like it.
I thought at first getting closer to the number "4" was a little bit terrible. Ok, I'll tell soon as my new blog get publish, hahaha...

Suzanne said...

I find I just put it all on one blog, only because I would find it hard to update too blogs.
I do have a blog for my girls artwork, but I don't update it often and barely look at it.
I am almost at post 102 as well, I never thought I would get that addicted.

Tammy said...

Happy birthday! I have two blogs, but I spend more time on my mom blog. I like my other blog because I can post pretty much whatever I like there without having to worry that it doesn't fit in the "mom" category.

henny said...

it sounds I would be like you if I have 2 blogs :)

thanks for the wishes. Yes, sometimes I need a different space to write something that doesn't fit to kids or mom category. So..let's see.

mumsgather said...

No, no, Don't change the name of this blog. Make another one and give me the url. I love crafts too but don't have the time. Hehe.

Happy Birthday and congratulations on your 102nd post. Wuah so fast!

henny said...

Thank you!
Finally I don't change this blog's name. I'll make it another one.