August 03, 2008

Processing Our Kitchen’s Organic Trash

I had tried to make simple compost yesterday and this what I’ve got…
To make compost from our kitchen organic trash, we need:
A laundry basket that has lots of holes for good air circulation. Covered its all side with carpet sheet.

3 buckets of husk (from rice or wheat, “sekam” in Indonesian term). Make a kind of pillow which sized same with the laundry based form, just fill the cotton pocket and filled with husk, sew tightly.Put the husk pillow on the bottom of the laundry basket. Mix the rest of the husk with :

½ tablespoon tempeh starter (tempeh culture : rhizopus oligosporus)
1 teaspoon yeast (“ragi tape” in Indonesian term)
1 bucket of rice bran (or rice sifting)
Sugar solution made from 2 tablespoon granulated sugar and 1 cup of water
Unhulled paddy separated from stalks (“gabah” in Indonesian term)
1 handful of moist soil (you can take it from soil under the tree, I called it "humus")'

Put that mixing all together to the laundry basket. We can called that 'native micro organism'.
Put all your daily kitchen organic trash to the laundry basket. Remember for always cut the trash in small pieces then dig a hole , put the trash in it and covered with the mixing of native micro organism.

The other day you want to put another organic trash, dig another hole at different place and covered it again with the native microorganism mixing. Just simple like that, do it everyday and your laundry basket become full for a whole month. You can take the compost for your plants. Easy...
Here I put the picture of tempeh cultures.

Oh..I think my blog today has change from "all about kids" to a "all about organic trash" blog :o


Suzanne said...

I like what you are doing. Compost is so good for the garden and the enviroment. Sometimes a change from kids to organic trash is good.

Tammy said...

That's a great idea! Where I live the government supplies composting bins that we put our compost in and they pick it up every 2 weeks. We are then able to get free composted soil from them.

henny said...

haha.. yes, nowadays I really feel enthusiasm in processing the trash. The kids, too.

Tammy, 'sweet' of your government to make composted soil for their citizen.