August 07, 2008

Haven't Packed Anything

Today at 2 pm we're all going on weekend vacation -to Makassar-, another islands of where we're living now. It need couple of hours by plane and there's 1 hour difference in time zone. All of us are excited to this plan.
It's already 10.30 am now , but I have not packed yet all the stuff we want to take.
The big kids had already packed their stuff last night after I grumbled them to do it soon :)
I have to pick all the kids too from school in a moment, too.
But now look at me! I'm still stuck in front of my PC, busy answering my emails, visiting all my blogger friends.. Gosh, I couldn't just passed my friends blog without giving comments! Oh, I wish there is more then 24 hours today.

As usually mom is the only person that looks busy at this kind of time, preparing all thing for everybody! But not now for me :)
Later then an hour from now..
Have a nice weekend for all of you, too.

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E-phi said...

have a wonderful family vacation, my dear!