September 09, 2008

Ian's First Word Puzzle

This is Ian’s first crossword puzzle. He got it as a homework assignment from his teacher. Since his teacher didn’t tell him to color it with color pencils, so when I suggest him to do that Ian insisted to use crayons. Then..crayons made the letters blurred. The little boy got upset and cried. Then I should make a note for his teacher, ask for another crossword puzzle.
I guessed he upset not only because he couldn’t see the letters, but he also found difficulty to find the words.

This morning before going to school he made his new crossword puzzle, this time with color pencils. I suggested him a trick for ‘scanning’ the beginning letter of a word he’d already chose from the list, I mean scan from row to row start from the top to the bottom. When he had finally found the beginning letter then he should check to read to the right or down to get the right word.

His works seems better this time, but still I do help him a lot. He still forgot to check for example to the down after his first checking to the right. I don’t know the easier trick to do this. Do you have any suggestion for me?


Tammy said...

We always use pencil to do crossword puzzles, that way if a mistake is made you can erase it.

Shelly G and Hope P said...

My kids call these little puzzles word searches and they usually circle them in pencil... I love doing these puzzles... they have really hard ones for grown ups... I think he will do well with practice. It just takes getting the hang of it :)

mumsgather said...

The second one looks better. I'm sure with your suggestions and practise, he'll get better and better at it. My kids don't do it the systematic way of scanning either. They just zoom in on the words they see and when they don't see it, they get upset. So, afraid I'm of not much help to you. Haha.

henny said...

Tammy and Shelly,
yes..pencil should be make him easier to erase when there's a mistake. Thank you.

since he couldn't read fluently that's why I suggest him my "scanning" system, but I think it give him more headache than before..LOL! More works to do before find the words.

Heart of Rachel said...

Perhaps, he can mark the words with a pencil first then later on he can shade it with colored pencils. I love the colored version.