September 09, 2008

“I Really Want You”

Last weekend –on Saturday night- was really fun.
The merriment was taking place at my bedroom. It begins when I played a CD of James Blunt “All the Lost Soul” while I was lying in my bed and reading my never-ending-novel (I have been reading it for 3 weeks). Then after a while my daughter came, sit next to me started to sing one of James’s song she heard, “I Really Want You”. The beat of the song’s swinging at first then become fast and cheerful at the refrain. I tempted to join her sing the refrain, too. It was fun for both of us in trying to imitate the speed of how James’ sing the lyrics. After a couple of minutes came my little boy joining us. He was listening at first then starting to sing together. I saw he tried to act as a vocalist on the stage, actually on my bed :) with his ‘stick’ made of Lego to be his mike. Then came my first boy merrier the ambience with not only singing, he bring 2 little maracas I had just bought the day before and once a while shouting here and there. After all it was fun and we all enjoy it.

I often amazed that sometimes the joy and merriment in family just pop up (usually from simple things) without we’re planning before and vice versa when we really hard plan on it, the joy wouldn’t come.

Had it ever happened to your family?

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